Fansipan Camping 6 Days 7 nights

Top of Fansipan view
Tour route: Hanoi - Lao Cai - Sapa - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Fansipan - Sapa - Lao Cai - Hanoi
Tour duration: 6 Days 7 Nights
Tour date: Daily
Activity level: Medium climming
Group size: Private tour
Tour Price: From US$ 255/ person

Fansipan itself is an attraction of Sapa area as well as Northern Vietnam. The peak is a part of Hoang Lien mountain range, which is under the protection of Hoang Lien National Park. The trip offers you an opportunity to explore the beautiful nature and chanlenge yourself.

Typical of church singing in Spring

Sapa church
Early spring, Ta Phin Commune (Sa Pa) organized the singing, attracts many local people and tourists to the pilgrimage.
Opening the the bridal ceremony procession through the village, the men, women brocade clothes procession colored competed singing and dancing the vibrant grace, create the unique culture of the highlanders. Besides, the singing also held contests: Drag young, shot it, blindfolded started to … get people actively involved.
Ta Phin commune development of tourism in SaPa district. The organization of singing here is to meet the daily needs of the spirit of the people of the nation and contribute to tourism development.

Homestay Villages in Sapa

There are some villages in Sapa which permissed travellers to stay overnight in local people houses such as : 

Ban Ho Village Sapa : 
Ban Ho village

Located more than 26 kilometers away from the famous resort town of Sapa Ban Ho Village, home to the Tay minorities and perhaps the most picturesque of the whole Challenge.
Situated alongside a turquoise fast flowing stream, it will be possible to take a little rest from a trek on one of the large boulders at the streams edge. You can also take a little time to explore this village before pushing on over the suspension bridge and trekking through ride fields to the Red Dao village of Nam Toong.
Even though Ban Ho is not too far from the center of Sapa Vietnam not many tourists have visited the village because of the tough approach road, which is under construction and slippery in the rainy season. However, the village is also accessible by driving from Sapa to Su Pan Village and then trekking 10 kilometers to Ban Ho Villages. Sapa Hiking is one of a number of tour operators who offer this one-day package, with cost determined by the number of participants.

Sapa Hill Trible Trek and Homestay Tour 4Days 5Nights

Homestay in Sapa
Route: Hanoi - Sapa - Tram Ton - Sin Chai - Cat Cat - Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai - Su Pan
Duration: 4Days 5Nights
Price: From US$ 380/ person

Homestay in Sapa is great option for all people who want to experiences about the life style of Ethnic people life leaving.  Join Sapa homestay tours, tourist have oppotunity take part in local life.

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