Attraction of tourists to the village in Sapa, Vietnam

Bac Ha Market
In recent years, tourist routes villages thrive not only in tourism but also in Sapa Bac Ha and Muong Khuong, Bat Xat, Bao Yen and Lao Cai city, visitors to create attractive to Lao Cai.

The village people of ethnic minorities in Lao Cai always lies a rich tourism potential and diverse forms such as festival, monuments, traditions, crafts, food, markets session highland landscape village, living life the rich traditions … Lao Cai has 16 ethnic groups with 25 different branches, each ethnic group has a cultural identity, customs, dress and own language, all sense of respect, protect, preserve and promote traditional identity.

Lao Cai is a rich treasure of festivals, including over 30 diverse festival. The time of the festival, mainly in the spring. Festival space is not restricted in scope villages and hamlets that extended to an area or district and provincial scale. The festival takes place with solemn ceremony is presented trays full of delicious food, foreign objects offered to the gods, those who have established the village, up the … attracts a large number involved. After the ceremony, as the Assembly with all types of fascinating folklore, attracted tourists, games, game demos, folk life, as remarkable as people dance: Ritual “Welcoming the rain “pray for rain during the festival of the Xa deputy; ceremony down at the Tay; to” Boss blanket “of the festival season Hanhi; horse, threw pounds, type nest, carousel carnival” Bucket crap ” of Mongolia; game masks, hammocks fall in “ceremony for identity” of the Dao; game throwing, catching blindfolded goats of Giay people … There is also Thuong Temple Spring Festival, attracting thousands of visitors cross participation.

Lao Cai has dozens of ruins are ranked as national monuments are more tourists to visit, admire, such as carved stone area (Sa Pa), Upper Temple, Temple of Form (Lao Cai city ), Temple of Bao Ha (Bao Yen) … Go to where visitors can admire the natural resources and tourism, rich culture from cuisine to traditional handicrafts such as casting forging, cooking wine corn of Mongolia (Bac Ha), rice germ of the Dao wine (Bat Xat).

Currently, in the communes of Ta Van, Ban Ho, Ta Phin, Thanh Phu, San Kingfisher Lake (Sa Pa), Na Exchange, The City, Bao Chew (North Vietnam), Pho Rang town, Nghia Do (Bao Yen ) … there are thousands of households and community tourism development. In areas where community-based tourism development, local authorities often coordinate with other travel companies to open the training of basic knowledge for people to travel, to appoint a foreign language to serve the needs of domestic and foreign customers, investment in upgrading the rest. So, quality accommodation and guides are upgrading. Visitors are the local performance teams performing the repertoire of excellent introduction to the cultural traditions of their people.

The Lake (Sa Pa) is one of the major tourist attractions of the village, 106 households of the indigenous peoples shall have the half of the households eligible for registration licensing welcome. Village roads, alleys frequent renovations clean, tidy house. In particular, gravity water system on their homes. Routine of the people here also retains traditional identity. This is what attracts tourists, especially foreign tourists enjoyed the active participation of the people like: Enjoy the intimate meals family style highland, upland vegetables fried smoked pork, clean cotton pad to sleep …

In addition to Ban Ho, Sapa tours  also Sin Chai village and commune with the model San Kingfisher Lake worth much welcome this venue. Management elected village community tourism arrivals, the Management Board to appoint a welcome guide to introduce landscape, lifestyle, cultural practices of the people here. If guests wish to explore the cultural life, arts village team ready to perform the dance for the praise, money sticks birth, the ritual dance of the traditional ethnic culture in the community same, then the customer management allocation of each family. Thus, the newly created equity in income, while ensuring public order in the management and protection of the local tourist. The proceeds in accordance with, the households to deduct part of the management board for the cost of regular activities. Through this approach, the number of visitors to Sin Chai growing, but still made the motto “to please customers, satisfy customers away.”

Revenues from tourism increasing the village, people’s lives improved. Tourism not only contributes to the village in the process of innovative thinking in economic restructuring uplands but also help people have a stable source of income, economic development.