Attraction of tourists to the village in Sapa, Vietnam

Bac Ha Market
In recent years, tourist routes villages thrive not only in tourism but also in Sapa Bac Ha and Muong Khuong, Bat Xat, Bao Yen and Lao Cai city, visitors to create attractive to Lao Cai.

The village people of ethnic minorities in Lao Cai always lies a rich tourism potential and diverse forms such as festival, monuments, traditions, crafts, food, markets session highland landscape village, living life the rich traditions … Lao Cai has 16 ethnic groups with 25 different branches, each ethnic group has a cultural identity, customs, dress and own language, all sense of respect, protect, preserve and promote traditional identity.

Xoe Dancing Festival

Xoe Dancing Festival
Time: The 15th day of the first lunar month.
Place: Ta Chai Commune, Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province.
Objects of worship: Agriculture Deity (administer of fields and gardens).
Characteristics: Xoe dancing of the Tay.

Located close to Bac Ha Town, Ta Chai Commune (Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province) has 9 villages, home to Tay ethnic people. Coming to Ta Chai, tourists love to take a walk along bendy roads around villages, admire small house on stilts, participate local daily life activities and especially enjoy special xoe dancing of Tay ethnic people.

Funeral customs of the Hmong ethnic in Sapa

Funaral customs
Like many other highland ethnic minorities, the Hmong in Sa Pa still preserved many traditional customs, including funeral is a ritual tradition, morality drinking water, remember its source, is the appreciation between the living and the deceased.
When people give to earthly realm of the ancestors, the Mongolian known as “lean” or “Security Title” (the dead) is to follow the laws of nature. Based on the object and the cause of the deaths that Mongolia has held various funeral rites.

For children who died less than three months old, the family held the funeral and buried when put to put through the wall, do not be put through the door. Parents and children to some is not crying fear of ghosts, ghost door know family will rebuke.

Beauty of Sapa Through Four Seasons

Sapa Spring
Sapa is a natural land where four seasons are differentiated clearly. Each season is usually symbolized by distinct and original products. Whatever season is Sapa in, this land always has its rare and distinct beauty. People who have fallen in love with Sapa said that even in each day, Sapa also has its different feature from the previous day.
Spring is the time when Sapa is most effulgent with the white colour of plum flowers and pear flowers along with the pink colour of cherry blossom. If you come here in spring, you can go to O Quy Ho to take photographs of peach-blossom or to Ta Phin to catch a view of a field of yellow cauliflowers.

Guide for trekking in Sapa

Sapa trekking
Trekking in Sapa is one of the most interesting activities that most of tourist want to enjoy. To make successful for your trekking tour, recommendation is so helpfu.
You should take drinking water or you can buy it along the way.

You should wear good shoes, bring a rain coat because of the changing weather. When it rains the trekking road will be muddy, you'd better have a walking pole.

Having knives is quite convenient when you cut something. Bringing a map or books of the area so you can note the places where you already lay your feet. Having a camera is very useful so you can record your trips.