Stone Church of Sa Pa

Nha tho da Sa Pa
Located on a prime location next to the Ham Rong mountain is a shield, the front is broad, flat. It is considered as the heart of Sa Pa town, standing at the four sides can be observed relic.

The church was built from the early 20th century by the French. The shape and the architecture of the church is elegant. The whole church was built by stone that are linked by a mixture of sand, lime and molasses. With total area over 6000m2, Sapa church has space for the layout of the area.

Since it was built until now, the church of Pa is always the site of many cultural traditions of the peoples here. The church of Sapa is always a place where holds many traditional cultural activities of ethnic minorities. With flute, trumpet leaves, “xòe” dance… created sparkling, magical atmosphere in Sapa.

Besides, due to a construction project is very early, with the land and the people here, Sa Pa Church is experiencing a lot of historical events. The first, the church always has priests in order to offer parishioners. Many years later, the activities of the church have stalled because of the presence of Japanese troops. After that, the church became he repository of rice.
With a taciturn character as the inherent nature, the Sa Pa is the hidden mysteries are still dormant waiting to be discovered.