King Express train

King Express trainKing Express train carriages, en route Hanoi – Lao Cai reflect the charm of colonial traveling style in northern Vietnam. They offer an inspirational experience onboard as well the time to enjoy the beauty of evocative destinations.

Deluxe carriages:

Deluxe carriages can accommodate 26 berths with 2 berths and 4 berths cabin, accompanied by the hospitality of King express train staff. The enchanting luxury, the comfort facilities of the wood-panelling cabins will make your stay in these carriages memorable. Passengers are to hold the best opportunity to relax or simply let the beauty gliding over your spacious windows. Luxury, inspiration and refreshment are main character King Express Train Cabinof these carriages. All berths are wooden-panelled, air-conditioned with
individual reading lights,baggage storage. Passengers are served with a very tasteful drink in the morning upon the arrival to Lao Cai or Hanoi. King Express deluxe cabins offer a cozy atmosphere, relaxing to read or enjoy an intimate conversation.
A Private Deluxe cabin create an intimate space for couples with 2 berths only. These cabins are lovingly designed to for those who desire to have the privacy with remarkable interior decor. They are the epitome of a small observation car.

Business class carriages:

King Express train
Embark on these carriages; visitors will indulge in the pleasure of the warm decoration and safety. These carriages featurea large space to fit your luggage, a large corridor and hot water suppliers on two sides of the carriages. King Express Train CabinLocks are carefully made to be sure you never lose things when beholding the panoramic views of ever-changing scenery. Each carriage can accommodate 28 passengers with the special care of Pole-star guiding staff in from the ground to the time you settle down. Each cabin has 4 berths; all berths are air-conditioned with water and breads for individual. The berths are remodeled to be soft sleeper with air conditioning. All cabins are air-conditioned, equipped with safe lock and bright,blarge corridors. Facilities are modern and well-fitted to bring you a good night on the train.

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